#Hololens – How To save a #3D model of the environment around the device

Hi !

During the Hololens tour, I got a couple of questions and I promised to answer them later. Here is one of them:

Can we save the surrounding environment of the Hololens in a 3D model and work with this model later?

The answer is YES, and now I’l share the necessary steps to perform this.

We need to access to the Hololens Developer Portal of our device and navigate to the option “3D View”


When we click on the [Update] button we will see a 3D model of the current environment scanned by the device.


We can use mouse and keyboard to “navigate” in this view and view details of this environment.


Important: The Hololens device is always scanning the environment, and it’s also updating the mesh of this model. If we press again the [Update] button we will be able to see the updated changes to the model. Also, the model is not restrained to “only one room”, we can have and work with complex models including several rooms. The next image is a photo and 3D view of a corner in my home office.


We can export this scene model in a file with OBJ format. We can import and work with this file using several tools like Unity 3D, Paint 3D or 3D Builder. The next screen shoot is my office while I polish the model in 3D Builder.


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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  1. is there a way to recognize this prescanned room, so when you re enter the room, it recognize it, and load the modded version?


    1. Hi Seth
      Hololens does this automatically. The device stores the scenes where we use the device and it automatically load them.


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