#Flow – New feature: Approval reassignment

Hi ! April arrives and one of the most required features in Microsoft Flow is released in Release mode The ability to reassign an Approval task   The scenarios where to use this type of feature are varied, and the operation is quite simple. In the advanced options of an Approval, you can see the … Continue reading #Flow – New feature: Approval reassignment


#Windows10 – Using W10 Mobile Hotspot on Holidays

Hi! Big off-topic for today's post. However, I think it's worth sharing these workarounds, hoping they'll be useful for someone else. Well, before starting a bit of context: Last week we went on vacation with family and friends to the Caribbean. In general, having internet connectivity is not a priority. However, one of the Free … Continue reading #Windows10 – Using W10 Mobile Hotspot on Holidays

#Event – Global #Azure Bootcamp in Waterloo

Hi! On April 21st groups and communities all around the globe will celebrate the Global Azure Bootcamp. I’m lucky enough to be part of the one organized by the Metro Toronto .Net User Group (link). And if you are the Waterloo area, there is also a Global Azure Bootcamp in Waterloo. Important: A big special … Continue reading #Event – Global #Azure Bootcamp in Waterloo

#WindowsML – Create Native AI apps for #Hololens #Windows10

Hi! A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new feature in Windows 10 to be able to use ML models natively in W10 Apps. For me, that would mean a breakthrough in the entire Windows 10 Device ecosystem. In example, as we already know, the new version of Hololens incorporates a chip specially … Continue reading #WindowsML – Create Native AI apps for #Hololens #Windows10

#Tools – Move Mouse, a classic anti screen saver

Hi! There are scenarios where for security reasons [usually via Domain Policies] a machine will be locked after a while if it does not have any user interaction. The problem usually appears when we require that these computers not be locked. A couple of months ago comment how to enable presentation mode using a classic … Continue reading #Tools – Move Mouse, a classic anti screen saver

#HowTo – Add #360 Photos in posts in wordpress.org

Hi! A few months ago I get, as a family present, a Ricoh Theta SC 360 camera. Mostly, for personal use and the truth is that I have a great time with this new device. Compared with other models of the Ricoh Theta range, the main difference is that this model does not support Live … Continue reading #HowTo – Add #360 Photos in posts in wordpress.org

#Event – Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 #GlobalAzure

Hi! So, my friends from Azure Canada and the Metro Toronto .Net User Group have invited me to be part of the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 event. The event will be on April 21 at the Microsoft offices in Mississauga and we have an amazing agenda: 9:00 - 9:15 Introduction and Housekeeping 9:15 - 10:00 DevOps Projects by … Continue reading #Event – Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 #GlobalAzure

#Event – Materials used in the event [Introduction to Microsoft AI] with a bit of #WinML

Hi! As always, it's a pleasure to talk about Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence platform. We had full house, and also the visit of Valentino and Martina. On this occasion there were many attendees with a profile of Data Scientist, so the questions were more than interesting. The support and collaboration of Asmita were fundamental to answer … Continue reading #Event – Materials used in the event [Introduction to Microsoft AI] with a bit of #WinML