#Hololens – Alternative fix to the TapToPlace and WorldAnchor issue (until official #HoloToolkit release)

Hi ! If you work with Beta products you will find funny scenarios, like something working, then not working, then working again. The next Hololens forums thread is a must read if you want to understand the frustration you can get in this scenarios: VS2017/U5.6 Crash – WinRTScriptingObjectWrapper::InternalAddRef Reference Count cannot be zero (link) TLTR HoloToolkit current [...]


#Hololens – #SpatialMapping, tutorial search for simple surfaces (1×1 floor tile)

Hi ! In my previous posts I wrote on how to use Spatial Understanding to have a better control of the environment scanning process with Hololens. In that post I created a demo with the following steps As soon as the App starts, Hololens started the scanning process We defined a minimmun number of planes [...]

#Hololens – Spatial Understanding vs Spatial Mapping, and a step-by-step on how to use it

Hi ! HoloToolkit has 2 main assets to perform a Spatial Mapping scan in an environment with the Hololens. Spatial Mapping Spatial Understanding Spatial Mapping is the asset that we use by default and is the one which allows us to have basic control over the scan process performed by the Hololens. For example, once we [...]

#VS2017 – About C# regions and now #Xaml regions also (What?!)

Hi ! If you are a C# Developer, for sure at some time you were part of the following conversation Regions YES / Regions NO There are plenty of different opinions on this (check references). If you need to group some parts of your code using regions, you maybe have a "big class", so probably it's time [...]

#Flow – New action definition to use #ComputerVision operations. #CognitiveServices

Hi ! In the last couple of days, a new set of services were added to Microsoft Flow. In the Microsoft Flow Blog, they shared a complete description of the new services. I'll focus this post on Computer Vision actions (part of Microsoft Cognitive Services suite). We will be able to perform image analysis, text [...]