Multi-cloud approach, AWS–Google and the “New” Microsoft Azure Arc in 8 steps

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The adoption of cloud computing has quickly become a key driving force for businesses today. Selecting one cloud over comes down to the wants and needs of each individual customer and the workloads they are running. It is often the case that organizations will use multiple providers within different parts of their operations, or for different use cases, which is called a multi-cloud approach.

However, there are a number of differentiating factors that separate the approaches of the three most known firms (Azure, AWS & Google), which can help end users consider which is right for them. These Platform offer largely similar basic capabilities around flexible compute, storage and networking. They all share the common elements of a public cloud: self-service and instant provisioning, auto-scaling, plus security, compliance and identity management features.

Customer Needs

A lot of customers have servers running in their private data centers, in their offices, or…

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#Event – You can now watch all the sessions from #MSIgnite. Bonus: there is an official #PowerShell script to download videos and slides!

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Wow, I’m still amazed about the awesome Microsoft Experience. And on top of that, now we have the chance to watch all the sessions online. A simple step

Just navigate to

And, as a bonus, you can download the videos and slides from most of the sessions. There is a couple of ways to do this.

You can browse a session, in example “Diversity is more, much more! Living in tech as a Latino who can’t dance” ( ) and you can see the view slide deck and download video in the right menu.

ms ignite my session how to download slides and video and powershell script

However, if you are curious, you can also see the “Get the bulk session resource download script” at the bottom of the page. This action will download a zip file with 2 files

  • Download-Resources.ps1
  • README.txt

The PowerShell file is a script to download all the videos from Microsoft Ignite! That’s amazing. Of course, there are a couple of parameters to use, so you can only download what you need.

To run the script, open a PowerShell window to the directory in which the script is located.

To download everything run the following
To download everything into a given directory run the following
.\Download-Resources.ps1 "C:\Microsoft Ignite"
To download a set of sessions, supply the session code like this:
.\Download-Resources.ps1 -directory . -sessionCodes "KEY,TK01,TK02,BRK3016"

If you want more details and a better process, you can read my friend Guy post using a similar script to download Microsoft Ignite 2019 materials (see references)

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#Event – remember #GlobalAIBootcamp 2019, Dec 14, Call for Speakers and pre-registration !

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Hi !

The Global AI Bootcamp is a free one-day event organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about artificial intelligence on Microsoft Azure.

The Global #AI Bootcamp is a perfect balance of quality content, awesome talks, and hands-on learning with like-minded peers in your community. As usual, a video is better than my words:

And, here is a list of resources for the event.


See you on December 14th!

Happy Coding!

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Agile Cordoba Event

Today we had the opportunity to be part of the Agile Cordoba event. We did not talk about what we’ve done, but instead we talked about where we’re going and what we’re doing to get there.

We shared some technology trends and how we’re doing research for the future and innovation hinges on seeing things differently.

In this opportunity we are going to give you perspective on how we approach innovation with Microsoft technologies, we will cover other companies like Amazon and Google in the future. It is super important for us to make sure that we’re making that available to everyone at 3XM Group because we believe the next breakthroughs are going to come from every technology providers.

We believe technology must be developed responsibly in a way that earns trust, which is why we are now investing time on research and innovation.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality


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How To Add PowerShell v7 Preview to the New Windows Terminal

The Frog Pond of Technology

In this quick post I’ll show you how to add PowerShell v7 preview 1 to the new Windows Terminal.


The new Windows Terminal was announced at Build this year and has been available (building from source code yourself) through the Microsoft/Terminal GitHub repo.  A very early preview of the Windows Terminal is now available through the Microsoft Store (link).  I haven’t verified but I believe you’ll need a few prerequisites in order to install.  Out of the box the current preview of Windows Terminal offers:

  • PowerShell Core (v6)
  • Windows PowerShell (v5)
  • CMD (command prompt)
  • WSL (Windows Sub-system for Linux, legacy console)


After installing the Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store, open the Settings from the dropdown menu (or click “Ctrl + ,”).

Find the “profiles” element in the settings file and add the following JSON snippet to the array.  Verify the “commandline” and “icon” locations match…

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#PowerPoint – How cool is the Accessibility Checker? Powered by #AI, so a #MustDo for my next #MSIgnite sessions!

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I was reviewing my slides for Microsoft Slides, and I remembered that Melissa Hubbart (@melihubb) was tweeting about checking your slides previous to the event.

So, I decided to give it a try. And, it was my time to check what’s new with the Accessibility Feature in PowerPoint. There are several ways to use this feature. If you want to check the content of the current slide, in the Review menu, there is an option to check the current slide.

powerpoint accessibility checker menu

If you want to check the complete PowerPoint File, in the menu [File / Info / Inspect Presentation] there is an option named [Check Accessibility] to do this.

powerpoint check accesibility

Once the Accessibility Checker panel is open, we can review all the issues.

powerpoint accessibility checker results

There are organized by severity levels (errors, warning and tips). And we can find common scenarios like

  • Missing alternative text for images and shapes
  • Missing title slides

One cool feature here, when working with pictures, is that we can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically describe de content of the pictures. In the following image we can see how it automatically recognizes my cat Goku lying on a bed.

powerpoint generate alt text automatically

So, you know, please check the Accessibility of your files and Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

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#Event – My sessions at #MSIgnite 2019, rocking #AI and #Diversity !

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Next week I’ll be at Microsoft Ignite 2019, and I’m very excited. I’ll have 2 sessions (see below), and I’m also excited for the networking opportunities and for some amazing sessions.

My Sessions at Ignite

Diversity is more, much more! Living in tech as a Latino who can’t dance

I was born and raised in Argentina, then I lived eleven years in Spain working all around Europe. Finally, three years ago I moved to Canada. And yes, my Latin background impacted my professional career.

This session is mostly sharing what I’ve learned during these past years. How I learned to get the most from sentences like “You have a very strong accent; I don’t think you will fit this meeting. These are Senior Executives” or “Wow, your accent is amazing, our leadership team will love it!” In both scenarios, I manage to move from frustration or surprise to “let’s focus on our business.”

And it’s not only about language and accent; family, culture, and even food and drinks are a part of the story. Espero que nos veamos en la sesion!

How a PoC at home can scale to enterprise level using custom vision APIs

It all started with a DIY project to use computer vision for security cameras at home. A custom machine learning model is the core component used to analyze pictures to detect people, animals, and more in a house environment. The AI processing is performed at the edge, in dedicated hardware and the collected information is stored in the cloud. The same idea can be applied to several CCTV scenarios, like parking lots, train stations, malls, and more. However, moving this into enterprise scale brings a set of challenges, which are described and explained in this session.

Happy Coding!

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#Windows10 – Mouse without borders, a #MustHave if you work with 2 or more computers

mouse without borders
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Somehow, I didn’t know this one, shame on me!

If you work with 2 computers, is a must have. In example, at home I have a power gaming computer for AI and Mixed Reality. I work with 2 monitors, my ergonomic Microsoft keyboard and my Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. I perform most of the work on my main computer, however from time to time, I need to switch to my laptop.

Thanks to the Microsoft Garage team, in 10 minutes I can easily share my mouse and keyboard from my main computer to my laptop just moving the mouse between desktops. As a bonus, I can also share clipboard, and tons of other amazing features.

mouse without borders in action

Official Description

Mouse without Borders is a product that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard. This means that with Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers.

See references for more official information and download

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#Event – Resources used on the session [Everyday Artificial Intelligence] @Hack4Heritage

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Hi !

Somehow, I forgot to share this. I was at the hack4heritage during the weekend, and it was awesome. I meet some amazing people and I also have the chance to see the results of 3 days of work of 6 groups, who worked on great ideas on Unity focused on Heritage preservation.

As usual, here are the Slides I used

And some tweets and resources

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

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[Xamarin.Forms] Nuevo CarouselView!

Javier Suárez | Blog


Con el lanzamiento de Xamarin.Forms 4.3 nos llegan una gran variedad de novedades: CarouselView, RefreshView, HTML en Label, etc. Es un buen momento para profundizar en el uso de CarouselView.

Nuevo Carousel!

El CarouselView permite mostrar una colección donde se pueden desplazar los elementos haciendo deslizamientos (gestos de Swipe).

CarouselView está disponible en Xamarin. forms 4.3. Sin embargo, actualmente esta en fase experimental y solo se puede usar agregando la siguiente línea de código a la clase AppDelegate en iOS, o bien a la clase MainActivity en Android, antes de llamar a Forms.Init:


NOTA: El CarouselView esta disponible para Android, iOS y UWP.

Una parte muy interesante del nuevo CarouselView es que su implementación esta basada en CollectionView (se reutiliza una cantidad considerable de código). Sin embargo, los controles tienen casos de uso bastante diferentes. CollectionView se suele usar para mostrar un listado de datos, mientras que…

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