#VS2017 – #Hololens 2nd event and Git Diff Margin, amazing extension to check Git changes in the code editor margin

Hi! Todays is the 2nd Hololens event at Toronto, part of the HoloTour I'l share one extension I've found which is quite useful: Git Diff Margin This tools display the Git changes in the current file in the margin section of the Code Editor. We can also see some context and additional information like the original [...]


#MicrosoftGarage – #Dictate, Speech recognition for Office for simple users !

Hi! I've been trying to use Windows Speech Recognition features for dictation since Windows Vista, but I never get good results. Let me explain this, the technology to convert audio to text works very good, and for me, is much more faster / comfortable than typing.  However the way that we need to use the [...]

#Podcast – #NetConfAr the big technology event now also in Argentina

  Hi ! A couple of months ago I share a great time with some friends from Uruguay. They are the ones behind the NetConfUy event. This event is a great success and that's why, this year some people on the other side of the river, decided to create an Argentinian One. Fabian Fernandez, @kzfabi [...]

#Event – The #Hololens Tour is here! Start at Mississauga, Toronto and finish in London (CA)! #HoloTour

Hi! Quick post today, this week I'm back to the podcast world (link) and also I need to share some of our Avanade experiecens on AI and Virtual Reality at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit (link). The next June 22, we start the Hololens Tour at Mississauga. Then Toronto and we finish at [...]

#Opinion – We have a winner in the eternal Tabs vs Spaces question! And I also have the formula to revert this …

Hola ! Hoy es viernes, así que toca repasar temas importantes para el fin de semana. Si eres programador, desarrollador o Developer, seguramente en algún momento fuiste parte de la eterna discusión ¿Debemos usar Tabs o Spaces? Como dice el refrán popular: para gustos colores, y aquí aplica más que nunca. Solemos utilizar herramientas para […]

#Flow – Advanced options to work with HTTP Actions in #MicrosoftFlow, Headers, Authentication and more!

Hi ! This post is mostly focused for developers. One of the most useful actions we can use on Microsoft Flow is the HTTP Action. There are 3 different types of HTTP Actions HTTP HTTP + Swagger HTTP Webhook Today´s post will be focused on the 1st one, in the latest release we can found [...]