#Office – AutoSave, version history and more, now also un #OneDrive

Hi! If you worked with SharePoint you probably know the concept of "document history". (I know I won't name this product anymore) So, it's been some time since we also have this feature available in OneDrive for Business, and I have a nice surprise some days ago while I was working in some personal documents. [...]


#Flow – Export and Import Flow definitions with advanced options

Hi! I've been back to Microsoft Flow and I found a lot of new features since I was "here". Today I'll write about Export and Import Flow Definitions. This seems to be a simple topics, however because we are dealing with external services and different accounts, some scenarios can became quite complex. For this sample, [...]

#VS2017 – Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 released: .Net Core 2.0, #AzureFunctions and more

Hello ! Now that we only have a version of Visual Studio 2017, every time an update of the big ones appears, it's time to slow down and see what new features are there. In the case of Visual Studio 2017 15.3, IMHO the 2 biggest new features are .Net Core 2.0, I suppose I [...]

#Hololens – Goodbye #HoloToolkit, now it’s time for #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!

Hi ! During the past few weeks I've writing on some samples to create Hololens Apps using Unity3D and other assets outside of th HoloToolkit world. So, now it's official the HoloToolkit change and I can start to share some information on this. Long story short, HoloToolkit is getting a big update and now it's [...]

#Podcast – NTN 34 – #React, #Angular and a rock

Hi ! Today's episode is something else. I had the chance to talk with the @lemoncoders team about some JavaScript development. Braulio Diez (@braulio_sl), Jaime Salas (@salasz_jaime) and Dani Sanchez (@nasdan12) will guie me in the amazing world of changes which is Java Script. At the end we talk mostly about React and Angular, but they share with [...]

#Hololens – Tutorial para seleccionar un holograma, cambiar su tamaño o modificar su posición utilizando #MRDesignLab

Hola! Otro de las funcionalidades que podemos implementar utilizando el Mixed Reality Design Labs kit para Microsoft Hololens, es Agregar la capacidad de seleccionar un holograma, cambiar el tamaño del mismo, modificar su posición o eliminarlo de una escena. Muy similar a lo que podemos hacer con la app de con la galería de Hologramas [...]