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So, HoloToolkit is gone (until you see the code on the new toolkit) and now it’s time to start using the new Mixed Reality Toolkit. There are a couple of ways to do this, IMHO the best one is to import a custom package in Unity3D with all the contents of the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

I’ve used to create and maintain my own custom packages for HoloToolkit, however I’ll follow the guidelines and now I’ll start to use the official ones. We can find them in the Release section on the GitHub repository (link). Then we need to click on [Edit / Packages / Custom package] and we have all the assets in our project.

In the releases page

  • We are going to see the status of the latests releases. That’s mean current bug, new features, fixed bugs and more.
  • We will have 3 different packages to download and import in Unity3D
    • Toolkit
    • Toolkit + Tests
    • Toolkit + Tests + Examples
  • We will be able to download the source code of the toolkit (if you don’t want to clone the git repository)

If you already know how to work with the Mixed Reality Toolkit, the 1st package is all you need. On the other hand, if you want to see some examples on how to use it, maybe the 3rd package is the best option. In example, the 3rd package contains several samples, one of them is a interaction demo such as the following animation.

2017 08 15 Holo MRToolkit New Samples 02

Among the innovations included in this version, we can find some very useful such as a keyboard to be used in AR / VR applications. We have a Prefab that we can use in our applications in [Assets / HoloToolkit / UI / Prefabs]


Important: this new virtual keyboard does not automatically appear when you focus or gaze in a TextBox. There is some code required to do this, I”ll write a post in the near future on this.

Other elements to consider are the assets that allow us to manage the transitions between Scenes. In [Assets / HoloToolkit / Utilities / Prefabs] we can find a button to launch the navigation to a new Scene and also a prefab to return to the previous scene.

Finally I have to highlight the gallery of examples that are included in this release. In [Assets / HoloToolkit-Examples] we can find all the samples. At first glance I detected that there are a couple new ones, like the scenes of “Medical” and the scenes of “Prototyping”.

The 2nd one is especially interesting since it shows different forms of interaction with elements in a world of MR. The animation at the beginning of the post corresponds to the “CycleArray” scene.

Happy Holocoding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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