#Event – The #Hololens Tour is here! Start at Mississauga, Toronto and finish in London (CA)! #HoloTour

Hi! Quick post today, this week I'm back to the podcast world (link) and also I need to share some of our Avanade experiecens on AI and Virtual Reality at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit (link). The next June 22, we start the Hololens Tour at Mississauga. Then Toronto and we finish at [...]


#Event – Comienza el #Hololens Tour en Mississauga, luego Toronto y terminamos en London (CA)! #HoloTour

Hola! Post rápido que esta semana es la vuelta a los Podcasts (link) y me toca hablar sobre AI y Virtual Reality en el Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit (link). Recuerda, este próximo jueves 22 de Junio, comienza el Hololens Tour en Mississauga. Luego iremos a Toronto y terminamos en London! Junio 22 Mississauga [...]

#Events – #HoloTour, 3 #Hololens events in June at Mississauga, Toronto and London ! (500Kms in 3 days)

Hi ! I'm back from the sunny Calgary, and I need to update my blog. I have some drafts posts on Custom Speech Recognition samples, other with bots and more. However, I need to start with an awesome news: June is all about Hololens ! I'm lucky enough to collaborate with some Ontario User Groups [...]

#Events – #HoloTour, sesiones en Mississauga, Toronto y London en Junio ! (500Kms en 3 días)

Hola ! Ahora que he vuelto de la soleada Calgary, es momento de volver a retomar el blog. Tengo pendiendes un par de posts con ejemplos para utilizar Custom Speech Recognition, algo sobre bots y otro par de cosas. Sin embargo, lo más importante es que Junio es el mes de Hololens ! Algunos grupos [...]

#Event – #DevOps Lessons learned and some information on the #Hololens Tour on June

Hello! During these days in Visual Studio Live @ Austin I have been lucky enough to go to a lot of very good sessions. In example, I've seen how Brian Randell or Richard Hundhausen made great DevOps demos concepts using Visual Studio Team Services. I liked a lot how now, when we use Team Foundation in the [...]

#Event – Lecciones aprendidas de #DevOps y el próximo #Hololens Tour en Junio

Hola ! Durante estos días en Visual Studio Live @ Austin he tenido la suerte de participar en muchas sesiones que han sido magistrales. He visto como Brian Randell o Richard Hundhausen hacían grandes demos de conceptos de DevOps utilizando Visual Studio Team Services. Me gustó mucho como ahora, el uso de Team Foundation en el Cloud, nos [...]

#Event – #Hololens, the Challenge of 3D Apps for a 2D Developer

Hi ! My house moving planning is almost finished, so it's time to go back to the communities to learn and share. This time, our friends from Mississauga .Net User Group kindly invited me to share some experiences creating 3D apps for Hololens. In this session, I will share his experiences in creating applications for Hololens. We [...]

#Hololens – How to use clases TapToPlace and InitialScanManager

Hi ! Yesterday I wrote about a custom solution I made to have Tap to Place feature in an Hololens App. The main set of features was We can perform an initial scan of an environment, based on a time constraint. Also we can continue the scan process if we don’t find a minimum of [...]

#Hololens – Cómo utilizar las clases TapToPlace y InitialScanManager

Hola ! En el post de ayer compartí una solución para tener las siguientes capacidades en un proyecto de Hololens Realizar un scanner inicial del ambiente basado en tiempo y en cantidad de frames encontrados para piso y pared Se puede iniciar un proceso de Tap to Place sobre un holograma El proceso valida además [...]