#Hololens – Device Portal basic features for developers


Yesterday I wrote a post with the 2 main options to turn off or restart the Hololens. In a incredible mistake, I forgot to share some options in the Hololens Device Portal. As a memory reminder:

Device Portal is a feature available for all Windows 10 versions and it can be used once we enabled the  Developer mode.

According to the MSDN documentation these are the features for each Windows 10 flavor:


HoloLens Yes, in Dev Mode 80 (default) 443 (default) localhost:10080
IoT Yes, in Dev Mode 8080 Enable via regkey N/A
Xbox Enable inside Dev Mode Disabled 11443 N/A
Desktop Enable inside Dev Mode Random > 50,000 (xx080) Random > 50,000 (xx443) N/A
Phone Enable inside Dev Mode 80 443 localhost:10080

In the Hololens device we found some very interesting features such as the ability to see real-time tracking of the device

2016 08 22 Hololens Tracking Debug Mode

A real time streaming of the device camera. And also, apps sounds, microphone and the holograms.


We can also, make some network configuration, see the debugging options and as a complement to yesterday’s post we can shutdown or reboot the device from the web portal.


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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