#Hololens – How to improve the App deployment time from VS2017 to Hololens using USB

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Another post with some questions noted during the Hololens Tour (link). During the session, I was sharing some of my “lessons learned” and one of them was related to the application deployment scenarios when we are working with Microsoft Hololens and Visual Studio 2017.

My main recommendation was to use a (long) USB cable connected to the PC running Visual Studio to deploy and debug Apps in the Hololens. This way of works is almos X3 times faster than deploy via a WiFi network.

The following image display the amount of time consumed during a deploy process using WiFi as connection channel. In this sample, I used a simple “Hello World” demo app, only a cube in front of the user PoV and some HoloToolkit prefabs to save some code and time.


The final time for the complete deploy process from Visual Studio 2017 to Hololens is 0:00:14.276

The next image displays the same scenario with a different deployment channel, changed from “Remote Machine” to “Device”. For this I got my Hololens device connected to my Visual Studio 2017 PC using a USB cable.

In this scenario the time is 00:05.232


In both scenarios:

  • I clean up the device and the App is deployed from scratch.
  • Previous to the deploy, the app source code is generated from Unity3D started the build and deploy.

There is another option to deploy an App: use the Device Developer Portal and upload an UWP App package directly to the device. I do not cover this option in this post.

Finally, in Visual Studio Dev Center there is a good article which cover all the necessary steps to perform this deploy operations working with Visual Studio 2017 and Hololens (link). You can understand the step by step process here for all the operations you need to perform when you are deploying and debugging operations using VS2017 and Microsoft Hololens.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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