#HoloLens – How to create a HUD (3D text always visible without #HoloToolkit)

Hi !

Some time ago I wrote a post on how to create a 3D text and that is always visible for the user on an app for Hololens. For this example, I used a series of scripts from HolToolkit and a custom one to achieve movement and follow-up of the 3D text.

Every day I learn something new. And in the past days, I discover there are better ways to solve this scenario. And without using scripting.

This example is for Hololens I will begin with the usual steps for an app of Hololens in Unity3D

  • Import HoloToolkit package
  • Delete default assets: Main camera & Directional light
  • Save Scene
  • Adjust UWP projects settings to be Hololens capable
    • Project Settings / Player
    • Project Settings / Quality
    • File / Build Settings
  • Import HoloToolkit
  • Add Assets
    • Main Camera
    • Spatial Mapping
    • Cursor With Feedback
  • Add an element of the type “UI / Text”
    • Rename the item called “Canvas” as “HoloHUD”
    • Rename the element named “Text” as “HoloHUDText”
    • Select the item HoloHUD and “Inspector” in the panel change the following values
      • Canvas / Render Moder = Space Screen – Camera
      • Canvas Scaler / Reference Pixels = 10
    • At this time we need to assign a camera as a reference to HoloHUD. Select the “Main Camera” element from the Hierarchy pane and drag it to the Canvas property / Render Camera
    • Change the following values
      • Canvas / Plane Distance = 5
    • At this time our project can be similar to the following image:


  • Now it is time to change the values of the HoloHUDText element
    • First position, changing values; POS X, Pos and & Pos Z
    • The text to display; Text / Text
    • And color, recommended white: Text / Color


  • Create Empty and Rename > Managers
    • Add Components
      • Gaze Managers
      • Gaze Stabilizer
      • Gesture Managers
      • Hands Manager
      • Text Manager (script below)

How we have a fully functional Hololens HUD in the Unity3D app. I’ve also created a Prefab for this, and I’ve shared this in HoloAssets // GitHub (link), and you can check the complete source code here (link)


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno




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