#Hololens – Windows 10, Xbox One Controller, Bluetooth and some lessons learned


Since version Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, we can to connect a XBox One controller wireless to a computer to use it. I’m not a gamer, so the couple of times I have used it it always had been for very useful scenarios. For example: Control a Usb missile launcher with a XBox One controller (link)

And what better than a video showing this.


Now comes the time when I need to connect a controller wirelessly. So, I did the steps suggested by common sense. First, go to Settings and search for “Connect wireless Xbox One controller


In the Bluetooth section, add my device.


But nothing… I had the controller in “discovery” mode, but I found no way to connect it. I thought maybe I needed an update, so I went back to the old school steps. I connected the controller with a USB cable and installed the app “XBox Accessories”.


Then check if the device needed a Firmware upgrade. In this case, the device is the up to date.


I went back to try to connect the device via BlueTooth and nothing. The problem began to get interesting. I start to browse and see what you could be going.

After awhile to navigate and read, I went back to the home page of connection and problems with the controls of the XBox (link). In it, appears in very clear there are 2 models of the XBox controllers, the “new ones” and “old ones”. As logic dictates, the old ones do not support the wireless connection, and the new ones Yes.


As you can see in the video of the rocket launcher, I have a couple of “old” controllers. Lucky me, when a few months ago I bought the XBox One S, it brought me a “new” command. So I made the change to Valentino (my son) and I could now go ahead.


Now the important part, connect the XBox controller to Hololens. This is quite simple, just have to go to Settings, Bluetooth, add device.


In the list of devices we’ll see XBox control. We pressed the button Pair.


And few seconds later we will have connected to our Hololens command.


From here I can already return to write about Unity 3D and Hololens with XBox Controller!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno




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