#Hololens – Lunar Module, new sample App with some very cool PreFabs for motion controllers


Hi !

Last week I spent too much time between Cognitive Services and UWP. Between all this AI stuff I also put some times to try, test and understand on of the latests samples available for Hololens Developers in the Holographic Academy: Lunar Module.

The sample is very complete, the main goal is to recreate a Lunar Module game here the objective is to help the Lunar Module land safely in the Moon. We can use hand gestures or and XBox One Controller to control the lunar module. The HoloApp will also scan the environment to find a “landing plane”.

So, the cool stuff, is to go to the Github repository and review some of the assets included in the sample. I will remark 2.

Simple Menu Collection. Finally we have an easy way to create 2D interactive menus to be used in our Hololens Apps..


Hand Coach, other cool one!. Every time we create and App for Hololens, there is a chance to include a tutorial on “how to use this app”, which is usually knows as a tutorial. This Prefab have some animations on how a hand can interact using gestures with holograms in the Hololens world.


Happy Unity3D coding!

Greeting @ Burlington

El Bruno


El Bruno, my posts



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