#HoloLens – How create a 3D text always visible using #HoloToolkit


Today I will leave the steps for an almost obligatory scenario we face when we created Hololens Apps:

How to display a text message that is always visible on the point of view of the user of  Hololens

Something similar to the next video


As always the steps to create a project, are those who’ve explained in previous posts.

  • Delete default assets: Main camera & Directional light
  • Save Scene
  • Adjust UWP projects settings to be Hololens capable
    • Project Settings / Player
    • Project Settings / Quality
    • File / Build Settings
  • Import HoloToolkit
  • Add Assets
    • Main Camera
    • Spatial Mapping
    • Cursor With Feedback
  • Create Empty and Rename > Managers
    • Add Components
      • Gaze Managers
      • Gaze Stabilizer
      • Gesture Managers
      • Hands Manager
      • Text Manager (script below)
  • Create Empty and Rename > HoloCollection
    • Add Assets
      • Add 3D Text, name “TextSample”, add text “Holo World”
      • Add 3D Text, name “TextSample2”, add text “Holo Debug”

The output is similar to this one:


In this case this example takes care of

  • Show the element TextSample always in the center of the POV of the user
  • Show the element TextSample2 in a corner of the POV of the user

The script that positions elements is a CustomScript with the following code


I’m still learning to understand the best way to work with 3D elements, it is very likely that the function Update() you can optimize much. For now, tutorials like this (Vector Maths) of Unity3D have helped me to understand how to work with vectors in Unity3D.

the sample source code can be downloaded from GitHub link.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



  1. Hi El Bruno been following your blog on developing for the HoloLens and I like what I’ve seen. I was wondering if you made the hands manager or was it from the holotoolkit?


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