#Hololens – Goodbye #HoloToolkit, now it’s time for #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!


Hi !

During the past few weeks I’ve writing on some samples to create Hololens Apps using Unity3D and other assets outside of th HoloToolkit world. So, now it’s official the HoloToolkit change and I can start to share some information on this. Long story short,

HoloToolkit is getting a big update and now it’s called Mixed Reality Toolkit.

This new version includes some big changes. I really like the official support to Visual Studio 2017 and Unity3D 2017.1; and if we take a look at the road map, we can see the dates when future versions of Unity3D are going to be supported (view references). The main architecture of a Hololens Apps is not changing, however, now that we have some new devices in the Mixed Reality family, the way to create Apps is a little more complex. (still is a very funny one!)


Like in the previous version, we have 2 flavors of the product: the generic version focused on Mixed Reality and the specific one for Unity3D. Maybe in the near future we will have a set of tools also for URHOSharp and Unreal Engine.

I’ll write a little more about this in the near future, mostly on the big changes and new features included in this “new toolkit”.

Happy Holocoding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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