#Hololens – Using voice commands to display a menu with #HoloToolkit


In yesterday’s post, I wrote on how to interact with a menu with Hololens, Unity3D and HoloToolkit. Today I will wrote on how to show the menu in a specific location using a voice command.

Ideally, the menu is displayed in the direction in which we are looking with the Hololens.


Holo view Hide Menu 03.gif

It’s very easy, in the Managers collection, we will add a new Script with the following code.


The code is very simple, although a couple of commenrs will help

  • The voice command to show / hide the menu is “Menu”
  • Lines 26 to 28 is where the show or hidden the Group Menu action is placed
  • Lines 30 to 32 is where the menu at 30% is displayed of normal size and position it in front of the view of the camera of the Hololens

As someone has asked me, I leave the full example on GitHub to download here (link)

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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