#Hololens – Developer Resources for #Hololens2

Hi ! Hololens 2 are on the way to some selected group of developers, so it's time to start to collect and group some dev resources for the not so near future. Let's start with a couple of tweets https://twitter.com/julenka/status/1114708056078577665 https://twitter.com/HoloLensDevs/status/1114888593472917504 There is also a new Mixed Reality Toolkit, available as usual in GitHub https://microsoft.github.io/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/README.htmlContinue reading #Hololens – Developer Resources for #Hololens2

#Hololens – Getting Started with #MixedRealityToolkit #MRToolkit

Hi! So, HoloToolkit is gone (until you see the code on the new toolkit) and now it's time to start using the new Mixed Reality Toolkit. There are a couple of ways to do this, IMHO the best one is to import a custom package in Unity3D with all the contents of the Mixed Reality … Continue reading #Hololens – Getting Started with #MixedRealityToolkit #MRToolkit

#Hololens – Empezando con #MixedRealityToolkit #MRToolkit

Hola! Si bien hay varias opciones, la mejor forma de utilizar Mixed Reality Toolkit en nuestros proyectos de Unity3D es importando un Custom Package. Durante un tiempo, me dedique a mantener un repositorio con los paquetes que iba creando para uso personal. Sin embargo, en el mismo repositorio en GitHub podemos encontrar el listado de … Continue reading #Hololens – Empezando con #MixedRealityToolkit #MRToolkit

#Hololens – Goodbye #HoloToolkit, now it’s time for #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!

Hi ! During the past few weeks I've writing on some samples to create Hololens Apps using Unity3D and other assets outside of th HoloToolkit world. So, now it's official the HoloToolkit change and I can start to share some information on this. Long story short, HoloToolkit is getting a big update and now it's … Continue reading #Hololens – Goodbye #HoloToolkit, now it’s time for #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!

#Hololens – Adios #HoloToolkit, ahora tenemos #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!

Hola! Durante las últimas semanas estuve escribiendo algunos posts para crear Hololens Apps donde no utilizaba HoloToolkit. Ahora es oficial que la version de HoloToolkit que conocíamos se ha modernizado y ha pasado a llamarse Mixed Reality Toolkit. Esta nueva version trae algunos cambios grandes, entre los que tengo que mencionar el soporte oficial a … Continue reading #Hololens – Adios #HoloToolkit, ahora tenemos #MixedRealityToolkit for Unity!