#Event – Materials used during the #Hololens Tour



The Hololens Tour is over. I traveled over 500 Kilometers in 3 days in 3 cities on Ontario, Canada; and I was lucky enough to share some of my expereriences and lessons learned working with the Microsoft Hololens.

  • June 22 Mississauga .Net User Group (link)
  • June 26 Toronto .Net User Group (link)
  • June 27 London .Net Developers (link)

Al the User Groups were great, and the attendees were also amazing people. Now is time to rest during the summer for most of the user groups, however we are already planning some activities for next year.

The session was Level 100, so there is no cool source code to share. Only a simple “Hello Holo”, but I promised the slides, and here they are

Some photos of the tour (twitter and meetup have plenty of them!)


And, as always, the best part was to put a face on a twitter name on lot of people, and have some very cool conversations about the future of VR, AR & MR.

Now it’s time to start the planning / thinking of the activities I want to participate after summer!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the slides 🙂
    You write to use USB cable to deploy to Hololens. Is this yous because of speed advantage or are the other reasons to do that?


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