#Flow – “Save as ” and interaction with physical buttons: #Flic and #Bttn

Hi !

It’s been a while since I wrote about Microsoft Flow, and today we have some very interesting news to share, so let’s go for it.

I’ll start with a simple but power feature added a couple of weeks ago: “Save As” on a flow definition. This is very powerful, let me share an scenario: right now when we need to duplicate a flow definition, we need to create the flow from scratch.  With the Save As feature we can quickly create duplicates, or even snapshots of our definitions and use them as a “back up” while we are working.


Another interesting topic is the new integration with physical buttons (link). The 2 ones for start area Flic by Shortcut Labs, and Bttn by The Button Corporation. Both need to be connected via Bluetooth to a iOS or Android device. And then, we can identify the buttons and use them as triggers for flow definitions.


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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