#Flow –Analyzing images in #Sharepoint Lists using #CognitiveServices


One of the examples of using Cognitive Services that I commented during the Global Azure Bootcamp was the automatic analysis of information on items in SharePoint lists. To achieve this we can create a Flow with the following steps

  • Trigger, Flow is triggered when a new Item is added to the SharePoint list
  • Get the contents of the file associated with the Item in the SharePoint list
  • Use Cognitive Services to obtain the tags and the description of the image
  • Update the Item Description with the information returned by CS


After uploading a couple of images to the Sharepoint list we can see that the process works correctly


If we see the description of each of the items we can see that the items have been updated correctly


The historical also shows us the correct step by step.


However, in the history of 5 images, there are 2 that have failed. One of the advantages of working with Flow, is that, in the history of executions, it is easy to verify what step has failed. In this case, the last 2 images do not have the correct format to be analyzed with Cognitive Services


Happy Coding!

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