#Flow – Analyzing images in 3 steps with Microsoft Flow and Computer Vision #CognitiveServices


Today I put on hole my posts on Project Malmo and Minecraft, because thanks to some new connectors in Microsoft Flow, I was able to create an image analysis Mobile App in a matter of minutes.

When we create a Flow triggered using a button, we have a new data type [File] for input data. If we use a File as the start of a Flow, and a Computer Vision activity, we can create a simple 3-step process for analyzing photos.


As I commented earlier, in the Button we created an input field of the type File.


Then we used the File Content of the previous step in a Computer Vision action to get the image description.


And finally we show the description returned by the Cognitive Services action in a notification to the mobile device.


If we launch our Flow, we will see that at the time of selecting a file we can take a photo using our smart phone or select one from the photo gallery


For this sample, I’ll use a simple one: a couple of toys in my desk


The process begins to work, uploading the photo to a temporary location so the Computer Vision process can analyze it


And a few seconds later we have the result that in this case, is 100% correct!



Happy Coding!

Saludos @ Burlington

El Bruno


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