#Flow – Buttons Widgets in iOS and Android

Hi !

Today I was talking about Microsoft flow, and I realized that I didn’t  review the Microsoft Flow news during the past weeks. There some new cool integrations with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft teams, however the thing which caught my attention is that finally we have the ability to work with widgets in Android and iOS. These widgets allow us to see the Flow Buttons that we have created in our Flow account and launch them without having to open the App.

The product team published a post with tons of details for both platforms, however I had to try it. As part of the test, I wanted to see what happened with a button flow that requires an input text, when it was launched from a widget. Well my test Flow is quite simple.


If we open the app we can see the button in our account


When we launch the flow we see that the input text is required


And almost instantly we have the notification on our smartphone.


If we go to the widgets section on an iPhone, we can see that the buttons that we have defined in our Flow account, are available here. If we press the sample Flow button, we will see that the App is launched and that we have the possibility to enter the text for the flow.


Now if we have our phone locked, when launching a flow button will see that we have to unlock the same so that you can run the flow.

2017 05 24 Flow iOS Widgets 02.gif

Useful feature 😀

Greetings @ Mississauga (-7!)

El Bruno




  1. I find that flow buttons via iOS widgets do not work if the process requires user inputs. For example, I have one set up to send a digital business card if someone enters their name and email into my Flow form. When clicking the widget button, it doesn’t open the form, it just shows a check mark and then the Flow fails. Ever run across this? Any suggestions? I have the latest version on my phone.


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