#Flow – Advanced options to work with HTTP Actions in #MicrosoftFlow, Headers, Authentication and more!

Hi !

This post is mostly focused for developers. One of the most useful actions we can use on Microsoft Flow is the HTTP Action. There are 3 different types of HTTP Actions

  • HTTP
  • HTTP + Swagger
  • HTTP Webhook


Today´s post will be focused on the 1st one, in the latest release we can found some very useful new features to work with HTTP Action in Microsoft Flow.

Basic options

As usual, we can start with the basic configuration for an HTTP Action, defining Uri, Body or Method

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST


I can’t think on a specific scenario, however we can even define different Methods (PUR or GET in example) based on previous conditions of the Flow.


And this is a cool one, now we can define custom header values for our HTTP Call. If we need to perform a HTTP POST request using JSON content and a specific value for a “validationKey”, we can define something similar to the image.


And we can even, change the Header editor to work in text mode, which will bring us more power in edition and customization mode.



Another important topic is the authentication options we have for an HTTP Action. Out of the box, the action support the following types:

  • Basic
  • Client Certificate
  • Active Directory OAuth
  • Raw
  • Custom


The Basic mode will require user and password in the traditional mode. Of course we can get this values from some previous steps on a Flow or use variables in the Flow definition.


The Client Certificate mode requires the location of an PFX certificate and also the password to use the certificate.


The Active Directory OAuth mode require all the necessary data to work in a AD environment.


And finally the Raw mode


So, IMHO the HTTP Action mode is a very useful one. It allows us to cover and use lot of “non out of the box” services.

Happy Coding ! 😀

Greetings @ Infusion Offices

El Bruno




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