#Flow – How to review a flow process (including some errors with German description!)


If you have a development background, and you are starting with Flow, one of the first questions that you ask yourself is: where is the execution log?. Flow is very committed to the idea of “keep it simple“, so let’s take a look at this:

  • We select our flow and click on the Info button.


  • Now we can see all process of our flow. This includes the succeess and the failures which have triggered an error.


  • If we select a process with an error, we will see the steps that were executed in the flow. In the next picture, we can see that the trigger of the Flow has been executed fine. Then the integration with Excel failed. This error has prevented from running the 3rd action.


  • If we expand any action, we will see a bit of contextual information about the execution of the action. For example, in the image below we can see that the Output of the execution message is in German.


I don’t know much German, small enough to understand that this message says something similar to:

It is necessary to specify a value for the element.

Note: Now we work with Cloud models, where the execution is done in a DataCenter’s somewhere around the world … that’s makes these scenarios at least very funny! 😀

This leads me to review the definition of the Flow, and indeed I find that one of the values in the Excel sheet was not well defined:


Once solved the problem, I may have to process the data on this flow. We can do this by review the log marked with an error.

Personally, expected a little more than information. However, by now knowing how to work the parts of integration of Flow, I got enough information to be able to take forward errors of definition in the Flows.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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