#Flow – New input options when using Flow Button: list of choices


Today I refreshed some of my Flow definitions and (as always) I found couple of new cool features. There are some cool SharePoint integration features to be used, however I’ll start today with a small but powerful one:

Using list of choices as data input in a Button.

When we define a Button to be the trigger for a Flow, we can also add some input fields to be recorded at the start step. So far, this fields were string only, that’s mean a single
Text Box for data input for each field. Now we also have the chance to define choices as a new type of field, and the input will be performed using a combo !


Once we choose the Filed Of Options, it’s time to add some values for these options.


If we run the Flow from the web view, we can see how these options are translated and presented in a combo


And, in the mobile App we have the similar behavior, using a combo (in iOS) to select a value for the field


This is very useful!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


El Bruno


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