#Flow – Working with expressions (50% more of power!)


Another new feature available in Microsoft Flow is the chance to work with expressions and fields. The features seems to be inherited from the big brother “Logic Apps”, and it’s a big step on the way we can define our Flows. To be honest, there are some special scenarios where you need to perform a simple comparison or use part of the value of a field and until the arrive of expressions, there were no way to do this.


The most common sample we can find in the Flow Blog is related to date manipulation. It’s very easy now to add a day, an hour or some minutes to a date and this is very useful when dates are part of the Flow definition. Another samples could be useful for some Excel power users, now we have the chance to use IIF() functions, or if you are a developer, JSon, Xml or XPath functions are also available for more deep scenarios.


The full list of expressions / functions can be reach here (link), and we can have functions for the following categories

  • String Functions
  • Collections
  • Logical Funcions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Math Functions
  • Date and Time
  • Workflow Functions

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


El Bruno



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