#Flow – Check your Apps health in #Azure using #ApplicationInsights and MSFlow

Hi !

If you are a programmer, and you also use Azure , for sure you know and use Application Insights (check references). I got a couple of Apps in Azure and, after some upgrades or fixes, I started to check their health. And these are the steps I perform to do this

  1. Access Azure Portal
  2. Go to AppInsights
  3. Navigate to my WebApp
  4. Run a Query
  5. Analyze the query results

So, at this moment I realize I marched 2 checks on “process who can be automated using Microsoft Flow

  • The process is a series of steps
  • I perform the process manually once a day (or even more!)

I make a quick research and I found that I can replace / automate this process at 100%. Let me share some of the specifications of the new Flow

  • It will be triggered using a Flow Button. This is cool because I can trigger this from the Flow web portal or directly from the Flow App for iOS, Android or Windows 10 Mobile
  • Then I’ll use a specific action in Flow for Azure Application Insights. This action runs a query and presents the results of the query on Chart mode or in HTML Table mode..
  • I’ll send an email with the output of the query results.


To keep this sample simple (KISS, in an educated way) I’ll use a query requesting the complete list of requests on a WebApp. And the output will be an HTML Table


Using the ouput of the query, I’ll send an email with the HTML Table embedded in the body, and also in a Html file as an attachment..


The email will be similar to the one in the next image


And it’s basically a mirror of the information we got in AppInsights portal, running the same query


So, this is a very cool way to create a quick analysis process for an App in Azure using a Microsoft Flow Button!

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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