#Flow – Trigger a Flow associated to an item in a #SharePoint list


There is very cool feature in SharePoint which connect directly to Microsoft Flow

Trigger a Flow associated to an item in a SharePoint list

It all starts with the “Flow” option we can find in the context menu of an item in Sharepoint list. We can create a new Flow or go to the list of Flows associated to our account.


For this example, I’ll create a new flow from a template, which creates a new task associated to an item in a list.


The most interesting thing here is that the final Flow, is triggered using a HTTP POST Request call. The flow expect the following values

  • Library Url
  • Library Id
  • Selected item Id

And when you trigger the flow from SharePoint, it will make the request passing this values.


And, we close the productivity circle when we see that we can trigger this flow directly from the Sharepoint UI. As I said, directly from the context menu


This is so cool!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno




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