#Flow – Handle exceptions, errors, timeouts and more in a #MicrosoftFlow definition

Ho !

Today I’ll share a quick post, because I’m on house moving day and there are too many things to move around.

After the last update on Flow, one of the cool features added into the designer  was the chance to add action execution conditions. These conditions will trigger the action based on 4 options

  • Is successful
  • Has failed
  • Is skipped
  • Has timeout

Using this feature, now our flows definition will now have a much better way to handle errors, exceptions, timeouts, and more.

The way to use this feature is very straight forward, once we add a new action we select the options button […] and select “Configure run after”


Here we can the options we have to configure the action.


And that’s it! The feature is cool, however there is still a small gap in the designer user interface for the flow:

There is no visual clue to identify which actions have some configuration in “Configure run after”

So, in a simple flow like the one in next picture, the 2 actions are very similar however the 2nd one have some special configuration for error handling :S.


In a near update, for sure we will have some visual notification about this!

Happy Coding

Greetings @ Mississauga (-2!)

El Bruno



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