#Flow – How To emulate a Button for a Flow using a Browser

Hi ! When we create a Flow to be triggered from a Button, the only way we used to have to test he Flow was triggering the Flow from the smartphone. Now we have the chance to trigger this type of flow directly from the Management Console of Flows. Let's start with a Flow definition. [...]


#Flow – Advanced options to work with HTTP Actions in #MicrosoftFlow, Headers, Authentication and more!

Hi ! This post is mostly focused for developers. One of the most useful actions we can use on Microsoft Flow is the HTTP Action. There are 3 different types of HTTP Actions HTTP HTTP + Swagger HTTP Webhook Today´s post will be focused on the 1st one, in the latest release we can found [...]

#Flow – Opciones avanzadas en HTTP Action con #MicrosoftFlow, Headers, Authentication y más !

Hola ! Este post es especial para developers. Una de las acciones más útiles que tenemos en Microsoft Flow para realizar tareas de integración es la HTTP Action. Existen 3 tipos de acciones de este tipo HTTP HTTP + Swagger HTTP Webhook En el post de hoy me centraré en la 1ra ya que tiene [...]