#Flow – Trigger a Flow associated to an item in a #SharePoint list

Hi! There is very cool feature in SharePoint which connect directly to Microsoft Flow Trigger a Flow associated to an item in a SharePoint list It all starts with the "Flow" option we can find in the context menu of an item in Sharepoint list. We can create a new Flow or go to the [...]


#Office – AutoSave, version history and more, now also un #OneDrive

Hi! If you worked with SharePoint you probably know the concept of "document history". (I know I won't name this product anymore) So, it's been some time since we also have this feature available in OneDrive for Business, and I have a nice surprise some days ago while I was working in some personal documents. [...]

#Office – AutoSave, histórico de versiones y más, también en #OneDrive

Hola! Si has trabajado con SharePoint seguramente estas acostumbrado a tener a mano el histórico de un documento. (lo sé, lo siento, no nombrare más a ese producto) Desde hace un tiempo esta funcionalidad está disponible también para OneDrive for Business, sin embargo, hace unos días me lleve una agradable sorpresa trabajando en unos documentos [...]