#Windows10 – Device Portal Wrapper available via NuGet and source code in #GitHub


Some time ago I wrote about the Device Portal capabilities for Hololens. In my case, there are some key actions like remote monitoring, remote apps deploy and to device restart, which are very useful in my developer day to day.

Now is time to say thanks to the Windows Developer team. This is because, the “Windows Device Portal Wrapper” project is already is mature enough to be published on GitHub and as a Nuget package.

Let me deep into this project. The project provides a layer on top of the services REST on that is supports the Device Portal. This project is created in C# and you can use it from WPF or UWP apps.

The sample app included in the project, shows us how to connect to a remote device, and once connected perform some actions. For example, restart it or get device network information.


Browsing a little bit more, I find some devices exposes services which are device specific, like Hololens or XBoxOne. For example, in the Device Portal API of Hololens (link), I find operations to start, stop or download a holographic recording.


The truth is that the time of launch is perfect, since there are 2-3 tasks that I believe that I can automate thanks to these APIs, and that saved me some time in the future.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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