#MixedReality – #Hololens new, #Steam partnership, a new Halo, new Devices, maybe a #Minecraft VR and more!


Hi !

Today I’ll share some updates in the Mixed Reality and Hololens world. Before the big announcement on IFA, there is a good idea related to Hololens:

LimpidArmor presented a hybrid between a helmet and Hololens. This device is integrated with cameras outside a tank to give the Hololens user a 360-degree view of both optical and thermal systems without exposing them to additional risk.

I really like the photo, and if you want to see more pictures and some field tests, their Facebook page have some other materials.


And, after this quick intro, it’s time to share some of the big Microsoft announcements during the IFA keynote on Berlin, Germany.

Microsoft Mixed Reality to get support for SteamVR, Minecraft and Halo starting this holiday season

Wow! In the references section you can read some articles with more details. I’ll try to highlight the more important topics:

  • Microsoft announced a collaboration with 343 Industries to add Mixed Reality Experiences to Halo. I’m a long time Halo fan, so this is amazing for me!
  • As part of the presentation, Microsoft also shared a long term view on which types of devices will be required to use MR capabilities. This is important because usually we think on VR devices and Expensive Ones, and Microsoft took a different approach here. There will be 2 types of devices:
    • Windows Mixed Reality PCs: will consist of desktops and laptops with integrated graphics.  When plugged into these devices, our immersive headsets will run at 60 frames per second.
    • Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs: will consist of desktops and laptops with discrete graphics. When plugged into these devices, our immersive headsets will run at 90 frames per second.
  • And, IMHO the best one. Microsoft is partnership with Steam, I may mean SteamVR. You probably know Steam, and they been investing and working in their VR branch for a while. Virtual Reality is not new for them. Using SteamVR you can already play and use several titles for Oculus Right or HTC Vive. I’m sure the path for Mixed Reality will receive some great ideas and maybe more from the Steam group. Also the chance to have some titles in the Steam Store for the new Mixed Reality devices is a very interesting approach.

So, these partnerships, new projects and devices may open the chance to enjoy Minecraft VR in the new Windows 10 Mixed Reality devices. Also maybe in 4K. If you don’t know Minecraft VR, please take a look at this video

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno




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