#WindowsML – Create Native AI apps for #Hololens #Windows10


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new feature in Windows 10 to be able to use ML models natively in W10 Apps. For me, that would mean a breakthrough in the entire Windows 10 Device ecosystem. In example, as we already know, the new version of Hololens incorporates a chip specially dedicated to AI tasks (DNN specifically),
so I assumed that in Hololens V2 we could start using Windows ML using the device capabilities.

What I did not expect is that in the Preview version of Windows 10 RS4 for Hololens we already had access to that feature. I have not had time to update my Hololens to RS4, however, a couple of community experts have shared more than interesting experiences.

For example, let’s see this video by Rene Schulte, where he shows an App that performs a real time image classification using the SqueezeNet ONNX model

Mike Taulty also offers a series of posts where he does an excellent research job in Windows ML and Hololens. He started on how to create a model using Azure Custom Vision, export it to CoreML and then create an ONNX model.

Important: currently ONNX is the type of models supported by Windows ML. It is possible to export CoreML models, TensorFlow, CNTK and other frameworks to ONNX.

From here, Mike comments on how to work with UWP and C # with the exported model. In subsequent posts, Mike also explains how, thanks to Hololens RS4 Preview, these capabilities can also be used in applications for Hololens (see references)

As well, If you dare to upgrade your Hololens to RS4 Preview, it is a very interesting moment to start thinking about scenarios where you can combine WinML and Hololens!

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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