#IoT – Data or Devices ? The path is clear = Artificial Intelligence

Hi ! During the past years I’ve wrote a lot of developer posts about Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry Pi and other devices like Microsoft Band or Garmin smart watch. Most of this posts were about development experiences with this devices, like how to connect with the devices how to get data from the devices how to [...]


ENG [#VS2015] Hello Face: #FaceAPIs in a Console App (2)

Hello! New post for Azure Machine Learning Face APIs series Face APIs in Azure Hello Face: Face APIs in a Console App After the setup of our Azure environment, we now can use Face APIs. Next step is to download the SDK and take a look at the examples. At this time the SDK contains examples for both, .Net and [...]

ENG [#AZURE] Face APIs with #Azure (1) #MachineLearning

Hello! Every time I perform a Coding4Fun session, I always take the opportunity to talk a little about the progress in the process of face detection, facial recognition and detection of emotions, etc. If you like Azure, now is a great time to start testing something for this topic, since using Machine Learning experiments, there are a [...]

[#VS2015] #MachineLearning and Visual Studio? 3 platforms for a quick start

Hello! When you create apps using Arduino, Galileo or any of these platforms, the amount of data that you can generate is quite big. Yesterday I wrote a post where I commented an almost real example, about how the information on the consumption habits of a person and a series of connected devices can be the basis [...]

[#VS2015] #MachineLearning y Visual Studio? 3 opciones muy buenas para comenzar

Hola ! Cuando te dedicas a creas devices utilizando Arduino, Galileo o alguna de estas plataformas, la cantidad de datos que puedes generar es bastante grande. Ayer escribí un post donde comentaba un ejemplo casi real, sobre como la información sobre los hábitos de consumo de una persona y una serie de devices conectados puede [...]