#Hololens – After the huge announcement of #Hololens2, here are some interesting resources




Hi !

The official launch of the Hololens 2 was a couple of days ago during MWC 2019. Even if I miss my days supporting Avanade booth in the MWC, we are incredibly connected today, so I feel like I was there during the launch. So I may recap some resources to be used in the near future in an amazing surprise.

Main Microsoft Resources

Of course, let’s start with the official tweet announcement

The official video

The official post in Microsoft Blog: Microsoft at MWC Barcelona: Introducing Microsoft HoloLens 2

Some tech specs, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/hardware

And from the original tweet some amazing Hololens 2 facts

  • #HoloLens2’s Field of View has increased by more than 2X.
  • With direct manipulation, you can now touch your holograms.
  • You can now log into your #HoloLens2 with Iris Recognition.
  • The new universal fit system works for everyone.
  • #HoloLens2’s front enclosure is made entirely out of carbon fiber.
  • #HoloLens2 will launch with a suite of solutions. Today we’re announcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.
  • Introducing #Azure Remote Rendering. A cross platform service that supports ARKit, ARCore, and #HoloLens. The birth of the internet of holograms. Leverage the power of Azure to directly stream high polygon content with no decimation to #HoloLens2.
  • We’re committed to openness.
    • We believe in an open app store model. Third party app stores are welcome within our ecosystem!
    • We believe in an open web browsing model. Firefox will be joining #HoloLens2.
    • We’ll continue to steer open standards such as Kronos & OpenXR.

And the full MWC session

Client Stories


Tech Coverage

  • The Verge

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

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