#Kinect – #KinectSdk is part of the #WindowsSDK on #Windows10 (almost …)

Hello! When Microsoft released Windows 10 Anniversary Version, one interesting news was related to adding part of the Kinect functionalities into the core of Windows 10. In addition to the camera, features such as IR or depth sensor can now be used with own operating system APIs. (my post on this) As well, this week [...]


#Windows10 – Algunas mejoras importantes para #KinectSDK con Windows 10 Anniversay Edition

Hola ! Hace un tiempo escribí un post con los pasos básicos para identificarnos en un ordenador con Windows Hello utilizando Kinect V2. Esto es posible gracias a un driver en versión Beta para Kinect. En la versión Windows 10 Anniversary Edition,  este driver se convertirá en versión final y además agregará algunas funcionalidades interesantes como parte de Windows 10. Por [...]

#KinectSdk – Hand and Finger, tracking and detection

  Hello! Another day closer to my international move and another weird task done: today's one is get approved to get an international driving license. This is why today's post is also a short one (that's a shame, this topic is really cool!). Our MVP friend Vangos Pterneas shared some time ago, a very powerful library which allows us to leverage the capabilities [...]