[#KINECT] Kinect V1? Ends on 2015



I still remember the time when, after a few very hards days at work, we leave with Edu to download some tensions outside and we also purchase a couple of Kinect for XBox 360 sensors. This version, which was a 100% free game control experience after the proposal of the Nintendo Wii and it included the great Kinect Adventures game.

When I saw that the Kinect had a USB port, as I believe that it took me 2 seconds until I connected it to Windows 7 (or Vista :S) and I started to see what I could do with the sensor. According to my backup, my first official about Kinect post was on November 26, 2010. Great experience trying to .. move the camera engine .

From there, it was to work with OpenNi friends, follow the release of the official SDK, large updates such as version 1.5, the Kinect V2 and we reach 2015.

A few weeks ago,

Kinect blog friends announced that Kinect V1 will no longer be sold during the 2015.

That means that this “toy / device” will not be more available (I is that I seized him affection). Nor is it worth to have it now, with much more powerful alternatives. However I think I’ll buy one or two to have the boxes along with that of the iPod 1st, 1st iFon and others to sell later when my children are 18 years 😉

Bye Bye Kinect V1!

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/archive/2014/12/30/original-kinect-for-windows-sensor-sales-to-end-in-2015.aspx

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