#KinectSdk – Hand and Finger, tracking and detection



Another day closer to my international move and another weird task done: today’s one is get approved to get an international driving license. This is why today’s post is also a short one (that’s a shame, this topic is really cool!).

Our MVP friend Vangos Pterneas shared some time ago, a very powerful library which allows us to leverage the capabilities of Kinect V2 to perform hand ans finger detection, as always all the code on GitHub.

Vango’s post explains in detail how the detection works. I’m not very smart, but I think I understand the basis: Kinect will detect the the joint of the hand, and with this center point we’ll work in a radius of + 7 – 15 cms, and that’s the hand. From there, the library allows us to work with the hand context and also each finger separately.


2016 02 02 Kinect Finger Tracking

The source code implementation to be used is also very cool. Once a frame is processed, we can ask the detection engine to find hands and once something is detected, we’ll have information about the contour and the collection of fingers to work with them.


Thanks Vangos Pterneas  !!!

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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