[#KINECTSDK] Do you build #Kinect apps without a Kinect V2 sensor? Check #KinectStudio and the new Kinect SDK V2


A long time ago, a very interesting tool was added in KinectSdk version 1.5: “Kinect Studio” (I wrote a review 2 years ago here). This tool allows us to record Kinect sessions including all sensor captured information, like camera feed or infrared feed. If you develop Kinect apps wich require very repetitive testing, this type of recording is very good, since with them we avoid us having to put us in front of the sensor and do again and again the same gestures.

The problem in the Kinect V1 SDK is that you had to have a Kinect V1 SENSOR connected to the computer where you record and play KINECT STUDIO. This force to have a Kinect for each developer. That’s why because Kinect Studio was a sort of hack and “strained” the feed from the sensor usb where it was connected the Kinect to send information.

The new Kinect V2 SDK has changed that in a great way. Now is not the USB which sends information of the Kinect, instead there is a Windows service which manages the information registered from the sensor and the service publish this information. So, taking advantage of this, the new Kinect Studio allows us to be able to use Kinect Studio without a Kinect V2 sensor.

The following animation shows app example “Body Basis” included with the SDK on a computer without a connected V2 Kinect sensor, and how to open a recording Studio Kinect, connect it, the app starts to display information as if the sensor was connected.

Kinect V2 Studio

In cases where to touch you to work with colleagues in remote and complicated ‘share’ the sensor, this is an excellent choice 😀

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Download Kinect SDK V2: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44561

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