[#KINECTSDK] Kinect for Windows SDK V2 Final Release, adapter for Kinect of XBoxOne and a couple of very cool apps


great day for Kinect Developers. First the SDK to version 2.0 has been released in mode “release”. So no more excuses to not create apps for Windows 8.1 (and 10), now they are fully supported, the SDK is stable and there is no excuse 😉

Another interesting topic, now we have a special adapter (US$ S49.99) which allows us to use in Windows apps the Kinect sensor included with the XBoxOne. This way if you have, (like myself) the Kinect sensor boring with your XBoxOne you can leverage it to create apps.

Finally there are a couple of apps available in the Store of Windows that already using the SDK and are an excellent example of what we can do with Kinect V2

  • Kinect Evolution: An app that helps developers understand the core capabilities of the Kinect for Windows v2 technology.
  • YAKiT: An entertaining app from the developers at Freak n’ Genius that allows people without design expertise to animate 2D or 3D characters in real time.
  • 3D Builder: An app that enables anyone to scan on person or object, turn it into a 3D model, and create a 3D print of that model. You no longer have to be a technologist or have access to a 3D printer to create amazing 3D prints!

Download the SDK from here (link)

Buy the adapter for Kinect from here (link)

Best regards

/El Bruno

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