#Windows10 – Some cool Kinect SDK features


Hi !

Sometime ago, I wrote a post with the basic steps to use your Kinect V2 device for Windows Hello authentication. This was possible thanks to a beta river for the kinect sensor which allows some cool features.

In the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, these driver will become official and some the Kinect features will be part of the main OS. In example

  • The video feed from the Kinect will be available using the same API that we use for a standard camera: Windows.Media.Capture.Frames APIs.
  • Same feature will be possible for RGB and Depth
  • The API will change to support the “frame by frame” model used by the Kinect
  • The Kinect sensor’s microphone array is already visible to the UWP audio and speech recognition APIs today.
  • And later during the year, an additional SDK will allow access to the skeleton bodies information in the same API namespace

So, at the end all the image processing operations will be under Windows.Media.Capture API. And we can reuse some basic code for Kinect and other devices if they support depth or IR features.

Finally, the following video explain in details some of the new features that will be available soon.


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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