#CustomVision – Running a Custom Vision project in a local #Docker Container

Hi !

So now that I have Docker running in Windows 10, it’s time to use a Custom Vision model in Windows hosted in Docker container.

There are 2 version available to export from CustomVision.ai for each one the projects: Linux or Windows

00 CV exported to docker

I could not sucessfully built the Windows version, so I’ll work with the Linux one. Once exported the zip file have a set of python files to tun the model, the model file (model.pb) and a Dockerfile to build the docker image.

FROM python:3.5

ADD app /app

RUN pip install –upgrade pip
RUN pip install -r /app/requirements.txt

# Expose the port

# Set the working directory

# Run the flask server for the endpoints
CMD python app.py

The image uses Python 3.5, and the build command is as simple as

docker build -t elbruno/cvmarvel:3.0 .

05 CV docker build image in windows

After a couple of seconds, the image is build in the local store

docker image ls

07 Docker local images

Once I have my IMAGE ID, it’s time to start the image. For this demo, I’ll use the port 8080

docker run -p -d ddd1623ee694

And then I can submit an image using Invoke-WebRequest and view the results directly in PowerShell

Invoke-WebRequest -uri “” -Method Post -Infile “D:\docker\test01.jpg” -ContentType ‘image/jpg’

06 CV running and testing an image on docker

In order to get the complete output of the POST request, I must add an OutFile into the PowerShell comand. And in the complete output we can see some Iron Fist and Venom results!

Invoke-WebRequest -uri “” -Method Post -Infile “D:\docker\test01.jpg” -Outfile “D:\docker\result.json” -ContentType ‘image/jpg’

08 docker results in visual studio code

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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