#Windows10 – Can’t install #docker on Windows 10 Home, need Pro or Enterprise

Hi !

I hold my series of posts on  Custom Vision to add another brain reminder, this one is

Do not install Windows 10 Home if you are going to use Docker!

I recently installed a new dev environment, and when I was going to install Docker Desktop I found this amazing message

Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version 14393 to run.

cant install docker on win10 1903 18329

I initially think that this was related to Windows Insider build, and after a quick bing search I realized that you can’t install docker desktop on Windows 10 Home edition.

win 10 home edition

So, it was time to go to my MSDN Product Keys and find a Windows 10 Pro activation key to upgrade my dev environment

upgrading windows

2 clicks later, it was done and I was able to continue my Docker journey!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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