#Hololens – Now #Xamarin Devs can create Hololens Apps !


Now Xamarin is on the path to be totally cool: Now Xamarin support Hololens ! Miguel de Icaza shocked us with the following announcement:

Xamarin already allowed us to work with UrhoSharp, 2D/3D engine  with support to code in C# or F #. And now the engine supports Hololens. So let’s start from here and let’s move to  GitHub to see some sample source code.

The main 2 code samples we have for this engine are quite interesting. On the one hand we have an example which allows us to control a mutant with voice commands. This sample is quite cool.


The other sample, is a 100% source code sample. It follows the basic steps of a 3D app

  • Create a scene
  • Enables the user interaction with the Scene. In this case with gesture AirTap
  • Creates a cube and it positions to 1 meter of the camera
  • In each event AirTap moves the cube in front of the point of view of the camera


The truth is that is quite simple of use and to the have also the support of Xamarin back, think that there are enough scenarios where can be a choice interesting.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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