#Hololens – Adding 3D text hologram in our Holo World using AirTap


In today’s sample I’ll show how we can take advantage of some of the capabilities included in URHO for Hololens. I’ll do a Spatial Mapping of a room and with an AirTap gesture I’ll create and position a text hologram in the real world.. This element is created in the position where it is looking at the camera and remains anchored in the world of holograms until it is destroyed.



Before sharing the code of the full sample, I need to improve the the way I’m defining position of the element. I’m doing calculations using the RightCamera as source position, and I have to finish adjusting to that element is more centered.

The PositionText() function is the responsible of create them elements of text and add the same in a collection of the scene. It also performs a validation to check there are no more than 5 elements, to not consume all the memory with useless objects.


Line 67, I define the position of the element, this is the part which requires quite a bit of improvement. As soon as understand it best way of make it, will share the project and explain others details of the same.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



  1. Hi, looking good!

    just curious, do you have any idea if UrhoSharp and Xamarin.Forms (XAML based) can be used next to each other in one single application? So that Urhosharp is used to show holographic 3D elements (models, effects and more), and Xamarin.Forms is – at the same time – used to show floating holographic windows?

    That would imo make Xamarin+UrhoSharp a splendid tool for HoloLens application development.

    Many thanks, keep up the great work & best regards from the Netherlands,

    Peter Vrenken


    1. Hi Peter

      I can’t speak for UrhoSharp and Xamarin Forms, I only used Urho in UWP apps. Maybe in the URHO forums you can find someone with more XF experience, my answer is “NO”, but again, a XF expert is required here 😀



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