#Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity in super Beta mode !

Hi ! Good news for the Unity3D developers who wants to use GitHub: We have available a beta version for the Unity and GitHub connector. You can find the source code and a compiled unity package on GitHub. Also, on the main page, there is a nice step by step on how to use it. Once [...]


#Personal – #CodePlex is gone, time to move my #Kinect Merry Christmas and others to #GitHub, maybe

Hi ! So, last Friday, Brian Harry drop the bomb, and he announced the close of CodePlex (link). Timing was very good, because a couple of hours later this will make a great April's Fool day joke. https://twitter.com/elbruno/status/847922573484675073 However this is not a joke. TLTR: Microsoft moved all their important projects to GitHub, and they [...]

#Personal – Llega el cierre de #CodePlex, toca mover #Kinect Merry Christmas y otros proyectos a #GitHub

Hola El viernes pasado, Friday, Brian Harry publicó la noticia del cierre de CodePlex (link). Si la publicación hubiese sido un par de horas después, hubiese pensado que era un chiste de los clásicos de April’s Fool day. Shutting down #CodePlex https://t.co/2DK0d9HjMw and we talk about this one month ago in the podcast https://t.co/CiwWZWYjg7 — [...]

#Hololens – #HoloToolkit compiled packages for #Unity3D in #GitHub

Hello! A while ago I wrote on how to use HoloToolkit in my projects: I export the latest version of HoloToolkit-Unity in a Unity 3D package and then imported them into my Unity 3D projects (link). This week I created a repo on GitHub where I will begin to leave the compiled packages: HoloToolkit-Unity-Packages (link) [...]

#Hololens – Paquetes compilados de #HoloToolkit para Unity3D en #GitHub

Hola ! Hace un tiempo expliqué cómo utilizaba HoloToolkit en mis proyectos: exportaba los contenidos en un paquete de Unity 3D y luego los importaba en mis proyectos (link). Esta semana he creado un repo en GitHub donde comenzaré a dejar los paquetes compilados: HoloToolkit-Unity-Packages (link) En los paquetes incluyo: HoloToolkit HoloToolkit-Examples Al comenzar a [...]

#Podcast – Opiniones sobre #GitVFS (Virtual File System), el mundo del #SourceControl , y que no hay nada de Virtual para #Hololens

Hola ! Otro episodio, en esta ocasión con la excelente excusa de hablar del nuevo "Git Virtual File System" con un grande en temas de ALM, Luis Fraile (@lfraile); y uno de los mejores expertos sobre Source Control que podemos encontrar Pablo Santos (@psluaces) Me tenian un poco engañado, ya que pensé que lo de [...]

#Bots – Error when you update the #NuGet package for System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt on your #MicrosoftBot Application

Hello! For a few days, I was lucky and go back to the great world of Microsoft Bot. In this one, my main task was to update one Bot I've created some time ago. The update process is fairly simple. Gisela has written a post where he explains the biggest changes, and otherwise you can always browse ans learn [...]