#Personal – #CodePlex is gone, time to move my #Kinect Merry Christmas and others to #GitHub, maybe


Hi !

So, last Friday, Brian Harry drop the bomb, and he announced the close of CodePlex (link). Timing was very good, because a couple of hours later this will make a great April’s Fool day joke.

However this is not a joke. TLTR:

Microsoft moved all their important projects to GitHub, and they are encouraging you to do the same. GitHub or Visual Studio Online are the main suggestions right now. As Brian Harry said:

“So, it’s time to say goodbye to CodePlex.  As of this post, we’ve disabled the ability to create new CodePlex projects.  In October, we’ll set CodePlex to read-only, before shutting it down completely on December 15th, 2017.”

So, that’s it, CodePlex is gone. To be honest with you, CodePlex was a great idea however during the past 5 years, it was never clear how to use it. Let me explain this:

If you want to have a common repository based on Git or TFVC for a small project, and you are part of the MS world, for sure you’ll choose Visual Studio Team Services. Or even a mix between GitHub for Source Control and Visual Studio Team Services for other ALM services.

So CodePlex, was used mostly to share code, not for collaboration. Sample Source Code for projects, events, etc. I don´t recall of many project working and collaborating on CodePlex as we do in GitHub. That’s why I think the slow decay of CodePlex makes a lot of sense to close it and keep GitHub and VSTS.

At a personal note, I have some work to do. I got some stuff at CodePlex which I’m going to miss. Like the Kinect to Merry Christmas project and others (link). I also realized that, both Bing and Google, returns over 10000 results about myself and CodePlex. That’s even more results if I search myself and my girl online. So, this is  good news, I’ll try to explain to my girl she does not to worry anymore about CodePlex, now she main contender is GitHub (link).



Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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