#Hololens – #Holotoolkik, amazing set of assets to create #Unity3D apps for Hololens


Today I change 2D for 3D dev and Visual Studio 2015 / UWP by Unity. When you start working with Unity3D and Hololens, you should know about HoloToolkit.
The Microsoft Hololens product team has created and shared HoloToolkit, which is a set of assets which provide features such as spatial mapping, client / server support to share holograms among multiple users, cursors, gestures features, and more.

It is fairly easy to install a Unity project:


  • Copy the contents downloaded from […\HoloToolkit-Unity-master\Assets\] to the [Assets] folder in the new project
  • And after Unity process those changes, we can begin to use the new assets.


Obviously, we need to do some extra clean up, and remove the folder [HoloToolkit-Examples]. Although this is a good resource to use as reference of use of some assets.

This weekend I will end up published my 1st App in the store for the Hololens and the coming week I will continue posting on the matter!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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