#VS2017 – VSTS extension with a #GitHub collaboration chart (similar)


Yesterday I run a half marathon in the mountains, and now I realize that was not a good idea. I’m not use to run in trail mode, and also I don’t have a good technique at all to run in the mud and with climbs. So today, thanks to numerous different pains I’m starting to know a new set of muscles on my body, I didn’t even know I got this muscles. At the end, I’m very stubborn so I finish the race with an amazing smile in my face.

That’s why I get one question someone asked me sometime ago for today’s post:

Can we have a GitHub collaboration chart in VSTS?


I didn’t think on this on a while until I found this new VSTS extension: Contributions Graph (link). After a quick look at the screen shots in the product page, it seems to me that the product may be the answer, and it’s quite interesting.




Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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