#Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity in super Beta mode !

Hi !

Good news for the Unity3D developers who wants to use GitHub: We have available a beta version for the Unity and GitHub connector. You can find the source code and a compiled unity package on GitHub. Also, on the main page, there is a nice step by step on how to use it.

Once we install the package we can access a new “GitHub” menu,  where we can activate the “GitHub Window”. Our main step here is to create a Git repository for the current Unity3D project.

Important: This Addin works creating a single repo for each Unity3D project.


Once we init the repository, we can access to the other sections of the addin: Changes, History, Branches, Settings and Account. In Changes, we can start to track and commit our changes in the current project. All this changes, will be commited to the local project, of course 😀

Important: If you open a project with many assets, there is the chance that the Aaddin lost the track of changes. I manage to fix this closing and open Unity again, not the best option but it works. And remember, this is a Beta version !


And, when it works, is really cool to see the track of changes in the History section.


The next step is to synchronize our local changes with a remote repository in GitHub. In the Settings section we must define all the values needed to do this. However I could not make it work. I have some errors like not getting the remote repo value, closing and opening Unity3D fixed this. And then I got some timeout errors, and more.


So, a great idea with plenty of work to do ! I will really like the moment when it get to the V1.0 and we can use it !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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