#Personal – USB Hub with On/Off switch, one of the best ideas ever !

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Hi !

Every single day I have connected to my main PC at least 5 or more different USB devices. In example:

  • Logitech Brio WebCam
  • SENNHEISER SP 30 Speakerphone
  • USB BT and Wifi Dongle
  • and more…

And, depending on my current work, I also connect and disconnect extra devices. These days, I’m playing with Thermal Camera, so an extra camera, a Raspberry Pi and other devices are part of the pack.

Thermal detection as soon as a person is detected

So, several devices connected and, I also think about security. How a connected camera 24×7 may be an entry point for an attach. My Logitech Brio has a nice lid to cover the entry, but the old LifeCam is just a plain camera.

Microsoft LifeCam and Thermal Camera

And, these cameras also have microphones, so that’s another entry point that I can hardly connect. I mean, I can open my Device Manager settings and disable each device, however this is not an easy and pleasant task to do.

This is my device manager configuration at any time of the day for my Audio Devices, and I only need the selected 2.

Audio Devices in Windows 10
Audio Devices in Windows 10

I created a couple of PowerShell scripts to disable the extra devices, however these are not very reliable and in random times, I get an amazing Green Screen Of Death (Windows Insider version of BSOD)

windows 10 insider blue screen of the dead
Windows 10 Insider G Screen Of Dead

After doing some digging I found what is the best solution for my pain

An USB Hub with On/Off switchs for each entry

Usb hub for PC with also chargers

As you can see on the image, I have the USB with several connected devices to my PC (blue lights) and I’m also using one of the Power entries to power one Raspberry Pi (red lights).

USB Hub Ports

The USB hub also have an optional 12V/4A power adapter that can provide charging power up to 2.4A.

And, this is not an sponsored post, however I’m so happy to found a simple solution to enable / disable devices that I think it will make sense to share !

Happy coding!


El Bruno


#Personal – Kids and STEM: my 2 cents to #IWD2020 #PressforProgress #CDC2020

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Some time ago I posted about the amazing experience I had at the Caribbean Developer Conference (@caribbeandevcon) in Punta Cana.

And if you are wondering “How this is related to International Women Day?”, let me share this video:

That’s Martina (my 10yo daughter) with Scott Hanselman talking about Computer Vision. She was part of the interview! And as I wrote before:

Scott was an amazing host, and we talked about how we can use Image Recognition systems in day to day scenarios, like garbage bin detection, smart parking lots and even to track our cat at home.

This photo is much more important than you think ! InternationalDayoftheGirl DayoftheGirl

International Women Day

Even if we are still a couple of days away of the official International Women Day, let me share my contributions and plan for the future.

My main 2 cents to the International Women Days is kind of selfish, however I strongly believe that support and encourage new generations to get close to STEM topics is a great way to support them.

That’s why, if you can, I strongly encourage to bring your kids (and/or your kid’s friends) to tech events. Share moments with them, introduce them to the speakers, attendees, helpers, etc on the event. They will learn new stuff; they will share some amazing ideas, and this is an amazing path for them to learn and know STEM!

It’s also important for us to acknowledge that men and women have different workplace experiences, so that’s why I hope that next generations won’t see a difference there.

And finally, please, let’s keep talking about this. I’m not an expert in this area, and the best I can do is to connect the dots and support some very specific scenarios. I’ll keep doing this !

And yes, Martina is also helping me now with my Drone and AI pet projects. You can see how much fun our pet Goku is having with the drone

Thanks Channel 9 and On.Net !

Note: And it seems that the other half of the family is not happy to be excluded of this post.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

#Personal – The amazing moment when you realize that you are helping people ! #MVPBuzz

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Being part of communities is awesome, and sometimes you get some feedback that really makes your day. Last week, I saw in the LinkedIn updates, that one of my LinkedIn contacts get a new Job in the VR/AR space.

Note: Do you know that VR/AR is on the most hot job around today. Read the article [AR/VR engineers replace blockchain programmers as hottest commodity] in the references section.

Based on some Scott Hanselman advise, I spend my 15 min a day, giving kudos to people who are rocking our tech world. And I take advantage of the super cool LinkedIn suggested messages. Then this happened:

I meet MrX (keep his name confidential) last year during a Microsoft Mixed Reality event. I was part of the proctors and I had the time of my life helping there.

This event was pivotal into MrX career, she/he decided to go in this way. And 2 years later … boom, MrX is an Applied Research in AR/VR.

I don’t know you, but this types of experiences really make my day.

As always, happy to help!

Happy coding!


El Bruno


#CDC2019 – This photo is much more important than you think ! #InternationalDayoftheGirl #DayoftheGirl

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Last week I was at the Caribbean Developer Conference (@caribbeandevcon) in Punta Cana and it was an amazing experience. The agenda was great, and I was lucky to assist to a couple of sessions like the one leaded by Phil Hack (@haacked), Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), Andres Pineda (@ajpinedam), Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) and Jessica Deen (@jldeen).

There were lots of amazing moments, like the moment I meet Scott Hanselman and also have the chance to chat with him for Channel 9 (@ch9) about Computer Vision. If you are Microsoft Developer, you know that this is a big moment, however it was even bigger for me. Let’s take a look at this picture and I’ll explain you why this is important.

Note: Special thanks to Kaitlin McKinnon and Cecil Phillip for setting up this video recording!

You probably noticed that my daughter Martina was also there. She was part of the interview! Scott was an amazing host, and we talked about how we can use Image Recognition systems in day to day scenarios, like garbage bin detection, smart parking lots and even to track our cat at home.

And now is the moment to stop the tale and s think about this.

A 9 years old girl is somehow going to be part of one of the most amazing event ever, and … she is going to be on TV (which, by the way, keep her extremely !) After all this experience, she was very excited. Imagine a 4.5 hours flight back home talking about this, what a great experience!

Even today, as soon as we get back to Canada, she brings a couple of her friends after school, asked for my parking garage toy and she explained them how the camera system works.

They even started to design a system to track squirrels and other animals on our backyard. I’m guessing that I’ll have a new set of challenges during the next winter.

There tons of activities you can do to help kids and girls to love STEM. I know that I’m lucky that I can bring my kid to these events. That’s why, if you can, I strongly encourage to bring your kids (and/or your kid’s friends) to these events. Share moments with them, introduce them to the speakers, attendees, helpers, etc on the event. They will learn new stuff; they will share some amazing ideas, and this is an amazing path for them to learn and know STEM!

See you in the next video:

Update: Today is also the International Girls Day !!!

Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/shinyasuzuki/33624461422

And because I don’t want to miss anyone, I’ll share this tweet with almost all the speakers

And share some names I collected (in Pokemon mode!)

Ben Greenberg (@RabbiGreenberg), Denny Perez (@dennyperez18), Grace Jansen (@gracejansen27), Hector Minaya (@HectorMinaya), Glaucia Lemos (@glaucia_lemos86), Julissa Mateo (@julissammateo), Jeff Blankenburg (@jeffblankenburg), Kaitlin McKinnon (@KaitlinMcKinnon), David Neal (@reverentgeek), Jairo Munoz (@Jairo_Esmerlin) and many more … !

Happy coding !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

#Personal – Amazing surprises managing the internet traffic at home #RaspberryPi #PiHole #Windows10

Hi !

A couple of days ago, my friend Luca (@lucavgobbi) told me about PiHole: A Network-wide Ad Blocking. Even better, let me copy the official description from their GitHub repo:

The Pi-hole® is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content, without installing any client-side software.

Easy-to-install: our versatile installer walks you through the process, and takes less than ten minutes

Resolute: content is blocked in non-browser locations, such as ad-laden mobile apps and smart TVs

Responsive: seamlessly speeds up the feel of everyday browsing by caching DNS queries

Lightweight: runs smoothly with minimal hardware and software requirements

Robust: a command line interface that is quality assured for interoperability

Insightful: a beautiful responsive Web Interface dashboard to view and control your Pi-hole

Versatile: can optionally function as a DHCP server, ensuring all your devices are protected automatically

Scalable: capable of handling hundreds of millions of queries when installed on server-grade hardware

Modern: blocks ads over both IPv4 and IPv6

Free: open source software which helps ensure you are the sole person in control of your privacy

I setup this in an extra Raspberry Pi 3 that I have at home, and keep it running for the last couple of days. I was in shock when I realized that aprox 30% of my internet traffic is … not so good.

PiHole dashboard

One of the cool features of PiHole, os that you can work with their logs. So I decided to apply some very powerful Machine Learning algorithms to detects anomalies and strange behaviors.

In the meantime, I decided to read the logs, and make some filters just using Excel. And I found a lot of very strange urls. Today I’ll share some of the Microsoft ones.

So, in example, do you know what does this set of urls have in common?

  • location-inference-westus.cloudapp.net
  • licensing.mp.microsoft.com
  • watson.telemetry.microsoft.com

They are all Microsoft endpoints ! It seems that Windows 10 is sending a lot of diagnostic and other type of data. Lucky for us, most of this endpoints are well explained for each one of the Windows 10 versions. So, in example, I don’t use a lot of UWP apps, and it seems to me that the localization service does not need to send a lot of information, from a FIXED PC.

I decided to add some of this domains to the blacklist of domains and so far, so good. Windows is still working amazing, I enabled some of the urls so I can use also Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, and my user experience is still the same (with 30% less of traffic!)

So, I may want to also write about some domains I found other chatty devices uses like my Amazon Alexa, my Roku, and more … maybe in the next post! And kudos to the PiHole team!

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


#Twitter – #Accessibility in images in Twitter, 5 extra seconds will help a lot of people! @kastwey

Sunset in the Tuscany


So, the trip to Italy is done, and I have the best memories ever. I’ve spend some time with the Global Avanade Innovation Network, and it was amazing to see again my friends from all around the globe.

I was supposed to continue my series of posts on Face Recognition and Python. Remember, I was down from 5 FPS to 30 FPS with some minor tweaks. But I have in my notes a different post to write.

It all started when my friend Juanjo (@kastwey) kindly asked to everyone in twitter to describe the images we use in each tweet. Juanjo is blind, and he is an amazing developer. Every time I talk to him, he reminds me how we can do some little extra efforts and make his life more easier.

Sometime ago, I was used to share my code samples as images in my blog, and JuanJo shared how difficult was to him to read this code. My code is not very good, but you never know …

So, if you want to help people in Twitter who may not be able to see the graphics content you share, please follow the next steps. This is for Twitter for Android, I’m sure that the iOS app will be similar.

  • Open Settings in the Twitter App
Twitter Android Settings
  • Select [Accessibility]
Twitter Android Settings Accessibility options
  • Check [Compose image descriptions]
  • That’s it!

Now, every time you write a new tweet you will be prompted to add an image description for every photo / picture.

Remember, 5 seconds may help a lot of people!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

#Event – Slides of the session [Tips on how to earn an MVP award and what are the benefits] #MVPBuzz

Hi !

Quick post today, I’m dealing with tons of personal stuff and my blogging time is near to zero 😀

Yesterday I co-hosted a session with Ehsan (@ehsaneskandarim) about our experiences in the MVP program. It was nice to share some non technical content, and I hope I shocked some people with my Xbox Controller demo for a 5 years old kid.

By the way, my 2 main topics were related to

Please think on diversity for your technical communities. Include diverse people, invite diverse people, do fast talks, and more … When I read that @prsdkmt posted this tweet, I was happy that at least one person get the message

I’ve been working in Avanade for almost 14 years, and they always supported my MVP role. This is also very important if you are lucky to start this path

Job which supports MVP role, thanks Avanade

And of course, my slides :

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

#Personal – My first and amazing #CodeMash


Last week I was lucky enough to attend my first CodeMash (www.codemash.org). The experience was amazing, you just have to see the agenda and the speakers to see the quality of the event.

An interesting detail of the event is that it takes place in Ohio, in January. In other words, it is so cold and there is so much snow outside, that the only option you have is to stay at the event, attend the sessions and do networking, a lot networking.

The format of the sessions is quite interesting. The event starts on a Tuesday with 2 days of PreCompilers. These are all-day workshops around topics like Xamarin, AI, Containers and more. Never more than a 7 or 8 hour shift on a topic to have a intro On it.

codemash 19 bruno session

On Thursday, sessions begin in a more traditional way: sessions of 45 or 60 minutes. I was fortunate to have the 1st shift (08:00 AM!) to talk about Computer Vision. And during these days also take advantage to attend a couple of sessions. I liked a lot, but only mention 3:

  • The team of http://www.infernored.com/ did a great demo from scratch with Python and a RaspberryPi.
  • As always it was a pleasure to attend Jennifer’s session (@jennifermarsman) of AI for Earth. There are lot of incredible projects around make our world a better place, and I think we don’t care about this enough 😀
  • Kudos for Guy Rose (@guyroyse ) for his session [Deep Learning like a Viking]. It is not easy to do a Deep Learning session in fun and entertaining format, Guy has done it!

codemash 19 deep learning like a viking

The Weather forces you to stay all the time inside the hotel. If you are traveling with the family, this may seem like a problem, however the hotel has a Indoor WaterPark which is the ideal fun activity for children. I thought my kids would be all day in the WaterPark, but when they saw the agenda of the KidzMash, they spent all Day at the event.

KidzMash have sessions specially created for children and ranging from how to use duct Tape to 3d modeling and printing, just check the agenda http://www.codemash.org/kidzmash-schedule/.  It is something really amazing, for me it was a surprise and from here I want to thank you and congratulate the team CodeMash for this special flavor for children.

codemash 19 kidzmash

Another amazing place was the Game Room and the Laser Tags. We may need to be there until 02:00 AM to finish a 1000 pieces puzzle !

codemash 19 game room

I really recommend seeing the agenda, you may find sessions like the following ones:

  • [KidzMash] Systems Thinking for Kids
  • [KidzMash] Building Your First Video Game with Bloxels
  • [KidzMash] Gotta Catch ‘Em All!  Raspberry Pi and Java Pokemon Training

To finish, I don’t want to forget that I also had the opportunity to meet other MVPs from North America. Dinner in between and with amazing experiences.

codemash 19 mvp dinner

99% sure I’ll be at CodeMash 2020 !!!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

#Personal – Mis experiencias en mi primer #CodeMash


La semana pasada tuve la suerte de asistir a mi primer CodeMash (www.codemash.org). La experiencia fue increíble, solo hay que ver la agenda y los Speakers para ver la calidad del evento.

Un detalle interesante del evento es que se realiza en Ohio, en enero. Dicho de otra forma, hace tanto frio y hay tanta nieve afuera, que la única opción que tienes es quedarte en el evento, asistir a las sesiones y hacer networking, mucho networking.

El formato de las sesiones es bastante interesante. El evento empieza un martes con 2 días de PreCompilers. Estos son talleres de todo un día alrededor de temas como Xamarin, AI, Containers y más. Nunca esta de mas un turno de 7 u 8 horas sobre un tema para tener una intro sobre el mismo.

codemash 19 bruno session

El jueves ya comienzan las sesiones en modo mas tradicional: sesiones de 45 o 60 minutos. Yo tuve la suerte de tener el 1er turno (08:00 AM!) para hablar sobre Computer Vision. Y durante estos días también aproveche para asistir a un par de sesiones. Me gustaron muchas, aunque solo mencionare 3:

  • El equipo de http://www.infernored.com/ me dejo asombrado con una demo desde cero con Python y una RaspberryPi.
  • Como siempre fue un placer asistir a la sesión de Jennifer Marsman (@jennifermarsman) de AI for Earth. La visión y el trabajo que se hace desde Microsoft en este campo, no se da a conocer tanto como debería.
  • Kudos para Guy Rose (@guyroyse) por su sesión [Deep Learning like a Viking]. No es fácil hacer una sesión de DL en formato divertido y ameno, Guy lo ha hecho!

codemash 19 deep learning like a viking

Antes comente que el clima te obliga a estar todo el tiempo dentro del hotel. Si viajas con la familia, esto puede parecer un problema, sin embargo, el hotel tiene un WaterPark Indoor que es la diversión ideal para los niños. Yo pensaba que mis enanos estarían todo el día en el WaterPark, pero cuando vieron la agenda del KidzMash, se pasaron todo el dia en el evento.

KidzMash son sesiones especialmente creadas para niños y que van desde como usar duck tape hasta modelado e impresión 3D, solo hay que ver la agenda http://www.codemash.org/kidzmash-schedule/.  Es algo realmente increíble, para mi fue una sorpresa y desde aquí les quiero dar las gracias y felicitar al equipo de CodeMash por este flavor especial para niños.

codemash 19 kidzmash

Ademas la Game Room era una parada obligatoria. Por mas que nos tuviesemos que quedar hasta las 02:00 para armar un puzzle de 1000 piezas!

codemash 19 game room

Realmente recomiendo ver la agenda, para encontrar sesiones como las siguientes

  • [KidzMash] Systems Thinking for Kids
  • [KidzMash] Building Your First Video Game with Bloxels
  • [KidzMash] Gotta Catch ‘Em All!  Raspberry Pi and Java Pokemon Training

Para finalizar, no me quiero olvidar que también tuve la oportunidad de conocer otros MVPs de North America. Cena de por medio y con unas experiencias asombrosas.

codemash 19 mvp dinner

99% seguro que nos veremos en el CodeMash 2020 !!!

Saludos @ Burlington

El Bruno

#Personal – Behind the Tech and #Hanselminutes, 2 amazing podcasts from Kevin Scott and @shanselman!


Today I’ll share some of my preferred podcasts, some of the usual ones for while I’m running or on the train going to work. I’ll start with a classic from Scott Hanselman @shanselman


Scott recorded more than 600 episodes and he has been publised a 30 min episode every week for a very long time. So let me start with a big thank you! I usually listen to this one in iVoox https://www.ivoox.com/podcast-hanselminutes_sq_f1146830_1.html.

Here in the episode [How do you become a CTO – with Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott] Scott Hanselman has an amazing conversation with Kevin Scott, and this was my first time listening to Kevin Scott @kevin_scott.Then I starting to connect the dots, and I found his new podcast.

Behind the Tech

Kevines is Microsoft CTO, and he has an amazing career, just check his linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jkevinscott/. In his podcasts he starting with some very interesting interviews to top tech references like Andre Ng, AI world reference and Anders Hejlsberg, know as the father of C# and TypeScript. In iVoox,

So, I hope now you have 2 podcasts to add to your favorites.

Happy coding!

Greetings@ Toronto

El Bruno