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Some time ago I posted about the amazing experience I had at the Caribbean Developer Conference (@caribbeandevcon) in Punta Cana.

And if you are wondering “How this is related to International Women Day?”, let me share this video:

That’s Martina (my 10yo daughter) with Scott Hanselman talking about Computer Vision. She was part of the interview! And as I wrote before:

Scott was an amazing host, and we talked about how we can use Image Recognition systems in day to day scenarios, like garbage bin detection, smart parking lots and even to track our cat at home.

This photo is much more important than you think ! InternationalDayoftheGirl DayoftheGirl

International Women Day

Even if we are still a couple of days away of the official International Women Day, let me share my contributions and plan for the future.

My main 2 cents to the International Women Days is kind of selfish, however I strongly believe that support and encourage new generations to get close to STEM topics is a great way to support them.

That’s why, if you can, I strongly encourage to bring your kids (and/or your kid’s friends) to tech events. Share moments with them, introduce them to the speakers, attendees, helpers, etc on the event. They will learn new stuff; they will share some amazing ideas, and this is an amazing path for them to learn and know STEM!

It’s also important for us to acknowledge that men and women have different workplace experiences, so that’s why I hope that next generations won’t see a difference there.

And finally, please, let’s keep talking about this. I’m not an expert in this area, and the best I can do is to connect the dots and support some very specific scenarios. I’ll keep doing this !

And yes, Martina is also helping me now with my Drone and AI pet projects. You can see how much fun our pet Goku is having with the drone

Thanks Channel 9 and On.Net !

Note: And it seems that the other half of the family is not happy to be excluded of this post.

Happy coding!


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